NFL Preseason Recap: Three Undefeated Teams

If you are like some of us, you understand that preseason NFL football is all about the coaches. Most people make it too complicated, trying to factor in the talent of depth-charts and matchups for all of the different unknowns trying to make their rosters.

A few of us smashed the NFL odds this preseason. Let’s recap the preseason and try to figure out if the success of any particular team will translate into the regular season.

The Baltimore Ravens

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens were one of our blind tails throughout the 2019 preseason. Harbaugh is a killer in August. So much so that the Ravens are now 17-0 over the last four seasons.

They capped their exhibition run off with a 20-7 win over Jay Gruden and the Washington Redskins – just as we predicted. But does this mean that the Ravens are going to pound their way through the regular season just like they did through the preseason? Yes, and no. The Ravens are going to be good this year. But now the rest of the AFC has had a full offseason to watch the tapes of how they execute their running game. Unless Lamar Jackson significantly steps up his passing game this season – which is possible– the Ravens are going to run into the same problems that all other one-dimensional teams eventually hit, other teams figure them out.

The Ravens will still have a winning season, heck they will probably make the playoffs, but don’t expect then to have a 14-2-type season. That said, 11-5 is quite a reasonable prediction.

The Buffalo Bills

The Bills of Jim Kelly Land went 4-0 through August. They stampeded their way through the Minnesota Vikings, 27-23 on Thursday, spoiling the Vikings perfect preseason record. So, does this mean the Bills are on the rise?

Yes, they are, but they still have a long way to go. On the bright side, the Dolphins are a mess, and the Patriots are starting to show signs of their AFC East dominance finally slipping – a little. Buffalo will have to contend with a rising Jets squad as well, so I doubt they’ll make the playoffs just yet. Sorry, Bills fans, but preseason was probably the highlight of 2019.

The Seattle Seahawks

The Seachickens edged out Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders on Thursday to go undefeated this preseason. That said, some of us knew the Raiders would keep it close and called for Oakland to cover the 2.5-point spread – which they did.

Can Pete Carroll’s boys continue their winning ways? They have a really tough schedule. After opening at home against a questionable Cincinnati Bengals squad, they face the Steelers in Pittsburgh and then host the New Orleans Saints. Some might think they get a bit of a reprieve in Arizona … but the Cardinals are the one team that has seemed to consistently have the Seahawks’ number. Right after that, they face the LA Rams, then have to visit Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns … wow! That’s a rough first half of the schedule! Although I think the Seahawks are definitely a playoff-worthy team with regards to talent, they have a down-right dirty schedule that may prevent them from a berth. If anything, Seattle may be able get a wildcard entrance.

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