Mark Giordano takes out Brian Gibbons with clothesline

Calgary Flames Mark Giordano clothesline Carolina Hurricanes Brian Gibbons 10/29/2019

Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano took out Carolina Hurricanes center Brian Gibbons with a clothesline during Tuesday night's game at PNC Arena.

It happened in the first period on a Flames power play. With the puck inside the Hurricanes blue line, Gibbons knocked the puck away and looked like he had a chance for a breakaway opportunity. However, Giordano put a stop to it by sticking out his arm, smacking Gibbons in the face with his glove as he took him down to the ice.

Giordano was immediately called for an interference penalty and sent to the box for two minutes. Gibbons appeared to have a small cut on his nose as he skated back to the Hurricanes bench, but stayed in the game.

In the end, Gibbons and the Hurricanes had the last laugh as they beat the Flames 2-1 and celebrated by trick-or-treating.

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