JJ Watt records hysterical dialogue for 'Madden 21' in SNL sketch

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt hosted this week's episode of Saturday Night Live where he put his comedy skills to the test.

The most hilarious sketch of the night had to be Watt playing it straight as he recorded some out-of-character dialogue for the EA Sports Madden 21 video game.

Watt is known for his All-Pro football skills and serves as a role model off the field, so it was surprising to hear him record lines such as:

  • "Dangit! He outsmarted me!"
  • "Oops!"
  • "Whoopsies!"
  • "Captain Clumsy strikes again!"
  • "God, I SUCK today!"
  • "Y'all see that sack? I hope our quarterback's OK.  This other team is good!"
And don't get us started about Watt taunting a boy in a wheelchair.  

The sketch also features a hysterical avatar of Watt that has a pierced belly button and a face that looks like it took a beating from Mike Tyson.  Of course, they had to make Watt's touchdown celebration the "floss".  

[Saturday Night Live]
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