SNL Classic: Peyton Manning's hilarious United Way sketch

Peyton Manning United Way sketch SNL

Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning has been sharing his sense of humor through various commercials over the years, with the Nationwide series becoming very popular. However, when it comes to laughs, none of them compare to the United Way commercial parody that he starred in as part of a Saturday Night Live sketch back in 2007.

It starts out in typical fashion, with Manning arriving on a city field to take charge of a football game with a local group of kids. Manning's initial words of encouragement hit all the right notes, telling the kids to have fun, encourage each other and emphasize teamwork. However, Manning quickly becomes frustrated as the kids are unable to catch his passes, which are thrown really hard at their backs, heads and stomachs.

The sketch shows Manning being a very bad influence for the kids, as he shows them how to break into a car, forces one kid to get a tattoo of his face, and his views on snitches. The final tagline: "Spend time with your kids, so Peyton Manning doesn't".

Of course, Manning is nothing like this in real life...or is he?

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