Jim Nantz botches commercial read during Charles Schwab Challenge

CBS Sports commentator Jim Nantz botched a commercial read during Sunday's final round of the Charles Schwab Challenge.

It happened as CBS was heading into a commercial break with Nantz reading out the names of some sponsors for the PGA Tour event.  What started out as a normal ad read got a bit awkward when Nantz read the name Allstate as the name Geico popped up on the screen.  Not only was it the wrong name, but it was a direct competitor of the insurance company he was supposed to read.  Ouch.

"The Charles Schwab Challenge is sponsored by Allstate.  Get a quote...I'm sorry, by Geico."
Nantz could be forgiven for being a little off his game, as live sports is only starting to come back after the coronavirus pandemic through the world for a loop.  You won't see this often.
[Awful Announcing]
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