Nathan Eovaldi accidentally switches uniform numbers during Red Sox Opening Day

Boston Red Sox starter Nathan Eovaldi suffered a uniform mishap during Friday's Opening Day game against Baltimore when he put on the wrong uniform for the third inning.

Eovaldi normally wears number 17, but when he came out to the mound for the third inning, he was wearing number 7.

According to the AP, Eovaldi swapped out his number 17 jersey that he wore for the first two innings for a new one because it was too sweaty. However, he didn't realize that he had mistakenly grabbed a number 7 jersey. Number 7 belongs to catcher Christian Vazquez, who also wore number 7 during the third inning, giving the Red Sox two number 7s on the field for the third inning.

After Eovaldi finished up the third without giving up a run, he clued into the fact that something was up when everyone was calling him "Vazque". After realizing that the uniform did feel a little tight around the arms, Eovaldi took off the number 7 and put on his own number 17, which he wore for the rest of his outing. Hopefully the equipment managers can come up with a system to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Regardless of the number he was wearing, Eovaldi had a solid outing, pitching six innings and only giving up a run, which was more than enough to earn the victory as the Red Sox crushed the Orioles 13-2.

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