Penguins get caught with 10 men on the ice vs Flyers

The Pittsburgh Penguins were rusty as they played Tuesday's NHL exhibition game against the rival Philadelphia Flyers, and it showed as they were given a penalty for having too many men on the ice. Normally teams have six men on the ice at one time, but the Penguins were caught with ten men.

It happened midway through the second period as the Penguins made a very sloppy line change. The fresh players were quick to leave the bench, but the players at the end of their shift were slow to get off, resulting in a moment with ten Penguins on the ice at the same time.

There was no way the officials were going to miss that one. They should have sent at least two Penguins to the penalty box for that one. Granted that this was a practice game of sorts, but the Penguins need to step things up a bit if they're planning on making a run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As it happened, the Flyers beat the Penguins 3-2 in overtime.

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