Nick Ritchie loses tooth during scrum, really wants it back

Nick Ritchie loses tooth during scrum, Bruins vs Lightning 8/5/2020

Boston Bruins left winger Nick Ritchie made sure to do everything in his power to get his tooth back after losing it during a scrum in Wednesday night's NHL Eastern Conference round robin qualifier game against Tampa Bay.

It happened just before the end of the second period as Ritchie and Bruins forward Anders Bjork teamed up to check Lightning defenseman Ryan McDonagh into the boards, with Ritchie checking McDonagh from behind. McDonagh got up and punched Ritchie, knocking his tooth out. After the scrum was broken up, Ritchie realized his tooth was missing, but he was guided towards the locker room by an official before he had a chance to find it.

The tooth remained on the ice, but Ritchie came back out with Bruins backup goaltender Jaroslav Halak while the zamboni was out on the ice during the second intermission.

Ritchie was fortunate enough to get his tooth back, but the Bruins lost the game 3-2.

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