Army throws 'pick-6' on kickoff return vs. Tulane

Now here's something you don't see every day: Army threw a "pick-6" on a kickoff return during Saturday's game against Tulane. 

It happened in the fourth quarter with Tulane already holding a 31-12 lead. Army freshman running back Tyrell Robinson caught the kickoff on the 1-yard line, ran to about the 10-yard line and then threw a backwards pass across the field intended for a teammate. Unfortunately, the trick play attempt backfired spectacularly, as Tulane senior wide receiver Jaetavian Toles came down the field on kickoff coverage, read the play and caught the throw from Robinson on the 8-yard line. With no one between Toles and the end zone, it was an easy score for the Green Wave. In the box score, the busted trick play is scored as a fumble for Robinson and a fumble recovery for Toles (his second of the game). Unofficially, however, it might has well have been a "pick-6". 

It was that kind of day for Army as Tulane defeated them 38-12

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