7 Popular Super Bowl LV Prop Bets You Can Wager

In three weeks, the championship game to wrap up the 2020 NFL season, Super Bowl LV, will be played. It will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, with a halftime performance by The Weeknd. The buzz is building as football fans look forward to the excitement and fun of watching the big game. Although the global pandemic has changed the landscape for live sporting events, the NFL is allowing spectators for the Super Bowl, albeit at limited capacity and while observing maximum health protocols during the game. 

Aside from the festive and action-packed show that the football community is anticipating, sports bettors will not miss this event as wagering comes bigger than ever. Although many sports leagues had events postponed over the past year due to the pandemic, the NFL managed to navigate through the regular season (with empty stadiums) and now advances through the playoffs with reduced audiences as it approaches a remarkable conclusion. 

When it comes to Super Bowl LV betting, the most popular wagers you can gamble on are the point spread, money line and over/under. However, if you are looking for interesting Super Bowl side bets that do not require you to analyze numbers in order to make predictions, prop bets are your best friend. For Super Bowl LV, here are some fun and exciting prop bets you can wager and win. 

Game Props 

Are you a bettor that wants to come out with bold predictions in any given game scenario? Game props allow you to gamble in the beginning, at the middle, or during the last minute. 

It can either be for the best team to win or for a player to score the first touchdown. It can be whether the next punt in the game will be longer than 40 yards, or whether a punt returner will call a fair catch. Any potential game situations that provide a "Yes" or "No" answer of whether they will happen or not are under game props, which generate considerable payouts. 

Coin Toss 

The coin toss is the most popular prop bet that are gambled on during Super Bowl games. Although you can see it as a no-brainer betting game because you only have to guess the result of the coin toss, hitting the right prediction is still tricky. 

There are two ways to bet on a coin toss prop. You can either pick whether it lands head or tails. However, you can also bet on which team will win the coin flip. The coin toss happens before the game starts to determine which team starts with the ball. 

Gatorade  Shower 

Big traditions are observed during the Super Bowl games, and one of them is the Gatorade shower. The winning coach gets an ice-cold Gatorade bath to celebrate their championship success. 

It is one of the most unique prop bets you can make. You only have to guess what Gatorade color is dumped on the winning coach. Selections are either lime, red, orange, clear, purple, or blue. Unless there is a new color introduced by Gatorade, the choices will remain the same. 

National Anthem Props 

Before the games begin, Americans show pride in their country by standing for "The Star-Spangled Banner". The Super Bowl LV National Anthem performer is still undetermined as of this writing. You can gamble the over/under as to whether the singer will sing the National Anthem in less than two minutes. Also, you can bet whether they will mess up the lyrics or not. 

Halftime Show Props

Halftime shows in Super Bowl give the audience and the players a break from the game. It gives the audience time to celebrate and party while the teams head to the locker room to adjust their game plans for the second half. 

The halftime performance this year is headlined by Canadian singer The Weeknd. Some of the prop bets you can make are the number of songs that the singer will sing. Besides that, you can also guess the title of the first and last song to be performed. 

Exotic Props

This kind of Super Bowl prop bet is called exotic because they are more rare and only selected bookies participate in them. It is where bettors can wager on things such as who will be the biggest celebrity guests attending the game, or whether the new president-elect, Joe Biden, will watch the event live. 

MVP Odds

The Most Valuable Player is an award given to the player who performs the best during the big game. It is most commonly awarded to the quarterback of the winning team who serves as the team leader and inspiration, but all players for both teams are eligible. There are around twenty QB selections to make, and leading the pack are Mahomes, Garopollo,  Hill, and Watkins. 


Super Bowl props are excellent alternative for NFL betting. Instead of carefully weighing the odds and lines in point spread and money line, the prop betting category unleashes your prediction prowess. 

Therefore, if you want to get away with confusing numbers and want a unique way of making betting more interesting, the Super Bowl props outlined above are your best choices.

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