Jonathan Marchessault cross-checks Radim Simek and gets away with it

Vegas Golden Knights center Jonathan Marchessault got away with a cross-check on San Jose Sharks defenseman Radim Simek during Saturday night's NHL game at the SAP Center at San Jose. 

It happened early in the second period as the Golden Knights held a 1-0 lead on a goal scored by Marchessault in the first period. Simek had just chased down the puck in the corner on the Sharks defensive end, knocking Golden Knights right winger Reilly Smith off his feet with a hard check. However, as Simek took the puck behind the Sharks net, Marchessault knocked Simek hard into the boards.

Simek seemed to be in pain for a moment as he stopped to grab his head, but quickly shook off the cobwebs to resume play. However, Simek found himself down on the ice moments later as he tried to knock the puck out of the corner when Marchessault knocked him into the boards again, this time with a cross-check. 

No penalty was called on Marchessault, but there probably should have been based on the video. Radim left the game and did not return. As of this writing, the specifics of his injury has not been disclosed. 

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