Jeff McNeil gets HBP three times vs. Cardinals

New York Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil encountered some bad luck as he was hit by a pitch three times during Friday's spring training game against St. Louis. 

It started in the bottom of the first when McNeil was hit on the wrist on a 3-2 pitch from Cardinals pitcher Evan Kruczynski. Then in the fifth, McNeil was grazed in the thigh by an 0-1 pitch from Andrew Miller

As if that wasn't enough, Miller came up again in the sixth and was hit on the instep of his left foot by a 1-1 pitch from Giovanny Gallegos.

Some players have a knack for getting hit by pitches more frequently than others, but this was just ridiculous.  What are the odds of getting HBP by three different pitchers?  The sad thing is that will never show up in any kind of record books since this is just an exhibition game, so McNeil has nothing to show for the pain he suffered.  Just one of those days.

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