4 Extreme Winter Sports You Must Try in 2021

Extreme sports are popular, exciting, and bring a thrill to gloomy and cold winter days. Thus, extreme winter sports lovers cannot help but wait for winter period to arrive each year as they gear up with the right sports equipment, such as Ski Goggles - Elevation 107.

If you are an aspiring sportsman with the dream of joining a national team one day, you have to know that intense training sessions, willpower, and consistency are required to make it on the team. Nonetheless, some extreme sports are also dangerous, so it is important to find the right training spots and train with the right equipment before pursuing your sports ventures.

Let us have a look at four extreme winter sports that you must try in 2021.

Ice Yachting

Ask your friends and family to accompany you to the snowy mountains as you prep for ice yachting. As indicated by the name, you can think of ice yachting as similar to sailboating, except that the boats slide on ice instead of water. Contests are held with multiple iceboats that also participate in these extreme sports.

Some popular ice yachting spots are found in Sweden, Canada, and Norway. If we trace the history, we see that ice yachts evolved from the Netherlands, where in the 17th century the Dutch used them as a necessity to transport their goods in the freezing weather. Over time, ice yachting was transformed into a recreational winter sport.

Ice Climbing

If you have nerves of steel, then this extreme winter sport is for you. You will be climbing up vertical ice pillars as if you would climb up rocks. You need the right equipment tools if you want to partake in this recreational activity.  Before you venture out on ice climbing, it is recommended to take some courses to master ice climbing techniques.

Shovel Racing

Now, this might sound a bit unconventional, but there is such a thing as shovel racing. It is also as fun as it sounds – the participants use their shovels to hop down snow-laden slopes. At first, shovel racing started as ski resort workers used shovels to get from one location to another back in the 1970s.

However, soon people found it thrilling and exciting and started holding contests while racing down the slopes. Over time, these extreme winter sports gained popularity and received attention from other parts of the world. If you want to partake in the thrill of this sport, don’t forget to pack your shovel with you.

Ski Jumping

If speed, risks, and absolute excitement are something that kickstart your adrenaline rush, ski jumping is your next winter sport to try. This sport has also been part of the Olympics since 1924, where it is played individually and in teams.

Holmenkollen is amongst the top ski jumping sites. It also happens to be the place where the 2011 World Championship took place. When it comes to ski jumping, Holmenkollen provides the perfect thrill spot as it is voted as the best sports venue for the extreme winter sport of ski jumping.

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