Chandler Stephenson ejected for elbowing Tobias Bjornfot in face

Vegas Golden Knights center Chandler Stephenson was ejected from Wednesday night's game against Los Angeles for elbowing Kings defenseman Tobias Bjornfot in the face.

It happened late in the second period with the Kings winning 4-1.  Bjornfot was first to the puck along the boards in the corner of the Kings zone with Stephenson lining him up for the hit.  Bjornfot passed the puck around the boards behind the Kings net before Stephenson got there, but Stephenson couldn't resist the opportunity to knock Bjornfot into the boards with a high elbow to the face.

Bjornfot went down to his knees, clearly dazed and play was stopped.  Bjornfot was spitting blood as he slowly made his way off the ice and headed straight to the locker room.

As for Stephenson, he was immediately sent to the penalty box with a five-minute elbowing penalty, and then given a game misconduct after the officials reviewed the play.  Stephenson is likely to receive a suspension once the NHL Department of Player Safety takes a look at this.

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