Young Yankees fan gives away foul ball

A young New York Yankees fan gave away a foul ball during Friday night's game in the Bronx against Cleveland. 

It happened in the bottom of the seventh inning with the Yankees holding a 2-0 lead. After Yankees batter Gleyber Torres hit a foul ball into the rolled-up tarp on the third base side of the field, a ball boy tossed the ball over the netting into the stands. A woman in the front row was unable to catch the ball, allowing a boy from a few rows back to reach over the second row of seats and grab the ball. However, since he already had a baseball of his own, he gave the ball to the woman in the front row.

This kid deserves all the kudos that come his way. He could have been greedy and kept the ball, but he did the right thing. As Yankees TV announcer Michael Kay stated, "That kid has been raised well." 

We know the boy went home happy as the Yankees beat the Indians 8-0

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