Phillip Danault slew foots Brayden Point

Los Angeles Kings left winger Phillip Danault delivered a slew foot to Tampa Bay Lightning center Brayden Point during Tuesday night's NHL game at the Arena. 

It happened in the middle of the second period with the score tied at 1-1. Danault tripped Point from behind with the slew foot as both players were following the puck towards the Lightning end of the ice. Point got up and retaliated with a cross-check on Danault, leading to a quick scrum with both players getting in a few punches before falling to the ice.

Both players were sent to the penalty box. Danault received two minutes for tripping and five minutes for fighting. Point received two minutes for cross-checking and five minutes for fighting. 

Point finished the game with an assist, and Danault scored a goal in the final minute of the game. The Lightning beat the Kings 6-4

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