Mets TV broadcast features live interview with Cubs fans building cup snake

SNY reporter interviews Cubs fan building cup snake, Mets vs. Cubs, 7/14/2022

Thursday night's New York Mets game broadcast on SNY featured a live interview in the Wrigley Field bleachers with a Chicago Cubs fan who was helping to build a giant cup snake.

It happened during the bottom of the seventh inning with the Mets holding a 6-0 lead. The Cubs fans in the bleachers are known to build these beer cup snakes on a regular basis, so SNY reporter Steve Gelbs was given the assignment to conduct a live interview with one of the fans helping out with the construction. Naturally, the Cubs fan chosen to be interviewed had partaken in consuming several of those beers. The result was comedy gold.

Gelbs was surprised by the weight of the cup snake, as he described how heavy it was while helping the Cubs fans hold it up off the ground. He certainly didn't want to drop it and be blamed for causing it to collapse. In the meantime, the fan he chose to interview was hilarious, giving shout-outs to some family and friends and referring to the seventh inning as "basically the eighth".

All in all, a memorable segment for SNY that will be tough to top. 

[The Big Lead]

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