Bruins wear oldtime Red Sox uniforms to NHL Winter Classic (Video)

Bruins arrive to Winter Classic in Red Sox uniforms, Penguins vs. Bruins, 1/2/2023
The Boston Bruins arrived at Fenway Park wearing oldtime Red Sox uniforms as they prepared to play Monday's NHL Winter Classic against Pittsburgh.

Given that Fenway Park is the home of the Red Sox, and it is one of the oldest MLB parks, it seemed ideal for the Bruins to wear Red Sox uniforms from the classic baseball era. The players wore full uniforms, including jerseys, caps, and long red socks. Many of the players even brought bats and gloves to complete the look.

It is interesting to see what the players are wearing as they arrive to games. Sometimes they try to look cool, but many times they adopt a common theme or gimmick. What the Bruins have done here is just perfect.

The NHL Winter Classic will air Monday at 2PM on TNT.


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