Braves fan makes mind-blowing catch of Matt Olson HR ball (Video)

Atlanta Braves first baseman Matt Olson hit two home runs in Friday night's game in Cincinnati, but his offensive power display was overshadowed by a Braves fan who made an insane catch of the second home run.

It happened in the top of the eighth inning with two outs and nobody on with the Reds holding on to an 11-9 lead. Olson had already hit a 2-run homer in the fifth, and Reds pitcher Lucas Sims had already given up two solo HRs to the Braves in the inning, including one to the prior Braves batter Austin Riley.

On the 1-1 pitch, Olson hit a 94 mph fastball 424 feet to center field to cut the Reds lead to 11-10. A Braves fan on the edge of the outfield seats reached over the railing and snagged the ball out of the air on the fly with his bare hand. What makes it even more amazing is how easy he made the catch look.

Although the Braves were not able to complete the comeback, we're sure this Braves fan went home very happy. Not only was he able to bring home a souvenir from the game, but he made himself a social media sensation. Somebody get this fan a contract!


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