Jalen Hurts laughably fails to catch Philly Special at 2024 Pro Bowl (Video)

Jalen Hurts fails to catch Philly Special, 2024 Pro Bowl, 2/4/2024

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts found himself in an embarrassing position in a failed attempt to catch a pass during Sunday's 2024 Pro Bowl flag football game.

It happened with about three and a half minutes remaining in the first quarter with the NFC holding a 19-15 lead in points over the AFC (with the score including results from earlier skils matchups between the two conferences). Hurts threw a lateral to Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb, who ran to the middle of the field and tossed a pass to Hurts, who called out for Lamb to throw it back to him as he was wide open along the sideline.

Unfortunately, the NFC's execution of the Philly Special was just a bit off. Lamb's throw was a bit high, although catchable for a normal wide receiver. However, there is a reason Hurts throws passes and doesn't catch them. He mistimed his jump and the ball bounced off his hands, and Hurts fell to the ground and couldn't help but laugh at himself.

It's good to see Hurts laughing, which means he didn't hurt himself. The last thing any team wants to see is one of their players getting hurt during the Pro Bowl.

With the new NFL Pro Bowl format, the winners of the Pro Bowl take home $88,000, but the losers take home $44,000, so there is not as much money at stake for the players. That allows them to have more fun during the games, and based on this play, Hurts is clearly enjoying himself.

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