Mariners fan catches two foul balls on consecutive pitches (Video)

Mariners fan catches two foul balls, Athletics vs. Mariners, 5/13/2024

A very lucky Seattle Mariners fan caught two foul balls during Monday night's game against Oakland, and if that wasn't crazy enough, the foul balls came on consecutive pitches.

It happened in the bottom of the first with Mariners leadoff batter Jose Rojas at the plate. On the 0-1 pitch, Rojas hit a 92 mph sinker high into the left field corner that drifted just foul out of play. The Mariners fan by the edge of the stands and made an impressive basket catch without any glove.

On the very next pitch, Rojas hit a 93 mph sinker towards the same area of the stands in foul territory near left field. This time, the same fan had a much easier time as the ball ended up on the ground on the seat in front of him, and all he had to do was pick it up. He proudly displayed both baseballs to the crowd to a standing ovation.

Now that is absolutely incredible. We have seen many amazing foul ball catches by fans over the years, but the odds of a fan catching two foul balls on consecutive pitches have to be off the charts. With that kind of luck, this fan should by a lottery ticket.

To top things off, the Mariners beat the A's 6-2, so we know this fan went home very happy.


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