Manny Machado, Mike Shildt ejected after called third strike (Video)

Manny Machado argues with umpire after ejection, Padres vs. Mets, 6/16/2024

San Diego Padres slugger Manny Machado and manager Mike Shildt were ejected from Sunday's game against the New York Mets for arguing a called third strike call on Machado.

It happened as Machado led off the top of the sixth for the Padres with the Mets leading 7-2. On the 3-2 pitch, Mets reliever Adrian Houser threw a 93 mph sinker low on the outside part of the plate. Home plate umpire Adam Beck called strike three, and Machado turned and slammed his bat down on the ground as he began to head back to the dugout. Machado turned towards Beck and said something, which apparently was enough for Beck to eject him.

At that point, Machado got in Beck's face, with microphones picking up Machado telling him that he felt it was a "f***ing bad pitch. That's a bad f***ing pitch right there."

Shildt shooed Machado away and argued with Beck to defend his player. Shildt seemed to remain calm in his conversation with Beck, much more so than some managers we have seen. However, Shildt must have said something, because Beck proceeded to eject him. On the way off the field, Shildt had some comments for crew chief Dan Iassogna.

The Padres tried to rally later in the game, but it wasn't enough as the Mets won the game 11-6 to complete a 3-game sweep.


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