Colombia defender Daniel Munoz elbows opponent at Copa America (Video)

Daniel Munoz elbows Manuel Ugarte, Uruguay vs. Colombia, Copa America semifinal 2024, 7/10/2024

In 2024 Copa America soccer action, Colombia defender Daniel Munoz earned a red card for elbowing an opposing player in the chest during Wednesday night's semifinal match against Uruguay.

It happened in the 45th minute of the match with Colombia leading 1-0. As the official was trying to restart play with Uruguay setting up for a free kick, Uruguay midfielder Manuel Ugarte grabbed Munoz's jersey. That seemed to get under the skin of Munoz, who elbowed Ugarte in the chest.

The official saw the elbow, and as Munoz had already earned a yellow card in the 31st minute for a bad foul, it was his second yellow for the match, leading to a red card and an ejection.

From our vantage point, it looked like Ugarte deliberately grabbed the jersey, then dropped to the ground after he was elbowed to really get the attention of the official. It obviously worked. Munoz has to be smarter than that, especially after you already earned a yellow. Should learn this early on that it's always the second guy that always gets caught.

The red card forced Colombia to play the rest of the match with only 10 men, but they managed to hold on for the 1-0 victory to advance to the Copa America final against Lionel Messi and Argentina on Sunday.


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