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Oct 25, 2010

What Happened to the Denver Broncos This Week?

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels actually came out and apologized to Broncos fans and team owner Pat Bowlen for their humiliating 59-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders at home.  There's no excuse for giving up 59 points against anyone in the NFL, let alone your division rival, unless you just gave up and packed it in.

ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg sums it up best.  Last week the Denver Broncos put up a really tough fight against the New York Jets and played well enough to win the game.  You would have figured they would have been angry after that loss and pumped up to redeem themselves against a division rival this week.  

Greenberg's co-host Mike Golic had one other interesting point about the Denver Broncos.  After starting out 6-0 last season, the Broncos are 4-13.  Ouch. 

Hopefully they can handle the 1-6 San Francisco 49ers this week.


  1. usually as good as a team may look one week they are never really that good and a team that looks awful one week is never really as bad as they played.

    If you understand this logic you shouldnt be shocked when a team like the browns beats the saints.

  2. What you really should be writing about is how awful the chargers are. 12 men on the field, receivers leaving the ball on the ground, droping tds, and fall starting on potential game tying field goals. Number 1 offense and Number 1 defense and worst special teams (2 Kickoff returns for tds against seattle, 2 punts blocked vs. raiders for tds).

    Did anyone catch Michael Tolbert score on a 1 yard run to cut the lead to 3 and he SHHHHHH'd his own fans. Dumb Ass!!!


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