Video: Young Tigers Fan Drops Foul Ball From Glove But Celebrates Anyway

A young Tigers fan in Detroit had a golden opportunity to catch a foul ball, but dropped it even though it landed right in his glove.  However, he began celebrating as if he caught the ball, which made him look pretty silly.

It happened in the bottom of the second inning of today's Tigers game against the Chicago White Sox.  Carlos Guillen hit a foul ball deep down the right field line.  A young Tigers fan with a Miguel Cabrera jersey and a red Detroit Tigers cap reached out with his glove to try to make an underhanded catch on the foul ball. 

The ball hit right in the center of the glove and bounced to the ground.  Unfortunately for the young Tigers fan, he forgot to check to make sure that the ball was in his glove before throwing his hands up in the air and jumping up and down to celebrate his "great catch".

Next time, kid, make sure you check the glove before celebrating.

Fan misses catch, celebrates [MLB]
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