Little Kid Caught On Camera With Cup Of Beer At German Soccer Match (Video)

On Sunday, a young boy in the stands of a German soccer match between Schalke and Augsburg was caught on camera with a half-filled cup of beer.

It happened shortly after the 61:00 mark of the game, and the game commentators clearly had something to say about it.  However, as the camera cut back to the kid after the 89:00 mark, the beer in his cup had been replaced with water.

We can only hope that the kid picked up the cup of beer by mistake and the boy's parents, or other responsible adults, saw it in time and grabbed the cup away before he took a sip.  However, since the cup was only half-full when he first appeared on camera, it's possible the boy already had a few sips by that time.  Do the child welfare folks need to get involved here?

Just a little reminder to the parents out there:  please watch your kids at these sporting events.

UPDATE: Based on a tip from a comment below, we were able to verify through Google Translate that part of what the commentator is saying is his expression of disbelief, as he says "It cannot be his beer!" multiple times.

Little kid has a snack and a beer at Schalke match
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