Bills' Stevie Johnson Penalized For "Happy New Year" Touchdown Celebration (Video)

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson can't seem to score a touchdown without celebrating in a premeditated fashion that takes away from the team and draws unnecessary attention only to himself. Johnson was at it again today after scoring a first quarter touchdown against the New England Patriots by pulling up his jersey and revealing the message 'Happy New Year' on his T-shirt underneath.

Naturally, Johnson received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and will probably receive a small fine from the NFL. Since Johnson has made a habit of these stupid touchdown celebration penalties, Bills coach Chan Gailey benched Johnson during the Bills next series on offense.

Granted that there was nothing wrong with Johnson's message per se, but Johnson's apparent need to put himself on a pedastal at the expense of the team time and time again is inexcusable. Grow up, Stevie.

NFL/CBS video via.

Stevie Johnson benched after ‘Happy New Year’ celebration [Shutdown Corner]
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