Costa Rica Women's Soccer Team Gives Us Worst Own Goal Ever (Video)

The women's soccer team from Costa Rica currently competing in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament was a major underdog in Monday's match against the host country Canada. However, Costa Rica certainly didn't help themselves as they committed one of the worst own goals in the history of the sport during a 5-1 loss.

It happened shortly after the start of the second half with the ball in Costa Rica's end of the field. Costa Rica defender Marianne Ugaldedid made a nice soft pass back to the goalkeeper for a clearance as no Canadian players nearby for a challenge.  The goalie stuck her foot out to stop the ball, but somehow she misjudged, and the ball rolled right under her foot into the goal.

This goal wasn't the difference in the match, but that fact wouldn't make the goalkeeper feel any better.

H/T Cosby Sweaters.

UPDATE:  Thanks to my readers who have pointed out to me that although normally a goalie is allowed to use their hands, they can not pick up a ball that is intentionally kicked back to them by their own teammate.  Surprisingly, I have never heard this rule despite all of the men's and women's World Cup tournament games I have watched over the years, so my apologies.
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