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Jan 11, 2012

Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery Slams Folding Chair On Court During Timeout (Video)

Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery was already unhappy during Tuesday night's game against Michigan State, as his team was down by 28 points in the second half. However, after getting called for a technical foul, that's when McCaffery reached his breaking point.

McCaffery needed an outlet for his frustration, so in a huddle with his team during a timeout, he slammed a folding chair down on the court.

Fortunately, the chair was fine, and after one of McCaffery's assistants picked the folding chair off the floor and set it up again, McCaffery actually sat down on it.

Unfortunately, things didn't improve for Iowa after McCaffery's tirade, as Michigan State defeated Iowa 95-61.

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Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery Gives Innocent Chair The Bobby Knight Treatment [Sports Grid]

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