North Carolina Sends Players To Locker Room Before Florida State Fans Storm Court (Video)

Florida State pulled off a 90-57 upset over #3 ranked North Carolina in front of their home fans Saturday. The Seminole fans stormed the court after the game, but not before FSU head basketball coach Leonard Hamilton used a stoppage of play with 14.2 seconds left to allow North Carolina head coach Roy Williams to send his key players to the locker room for safety reasons.

There was some brief confusion as it was an unusual moment.  It seemed like the game might be stopped early, but Williams put five non-scholarship Tarheel players on the court to play out the last 14.2 seconds of the game.  All the other North Carolina players headed for the locker room and shook hands with the Florida State players and coaches on the way off the court.

After the game officially ended and the Florida State fans stormed the court, the Tarheel walk-ons were left to fend for themselves, but they did seem to manage to get through the crowd and make it to the locker room unscathed.

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UNC Pulls Players Off Court Prior To Game Ending For Safety Reasons [Cosby Sweaters]
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