Tomas Berdych Refuses To Shake Nicolas Almagro's Hand After Australian Open Tennis Match (Video)

Late in a fourth round men's singles tennis match at the Australian Open, Nicolas Almagro hit a forehand return that hit his opponent Tomas Berdych square in the arm. Almagro immediately apologized, but even though Berdych was able to win the match just minutes later, he refused to shake Almagro's hand after the match ended.

It happened in the fourth set with Berdych up 2-1 and the fourth set tied at 5-5. Watch here as Berdych gets tattooed on the arm with Almagro's return from close into the net. Berdych kept his head down and walked away without acknowledging Almagro's apology.

After the match, which ended approximately 10 minutes later, Berdych was obviously still steamed as he shook off Almagro from far away as if to say "Don't bother - I'm not going to shake your hand."

Fans noticed Berdych's lack of sportsmanship and booed him loudly. You would think he would be a little less bitter since Almagro did apologize, and Berdych still won the match. Lighten up, Tomas.

Berdych booed, refuses to shake Almagro’s hand after getting hit with ball [Busted Racquet]
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