Brazilian ball boy sneaks onto soccer field to save goal (Video)

In the Campeonato Sergipano soccer match from Brazil, a Sergipe goal scoring attempt late in the game was saved by a ball boy who snuck onto the field to kick the ball away.

Guarany was down 1-0 late in the game, so the goalkeeper came forward during a corner kick in an attempt to get an extra player in position to tie the game. When Guarany's corner was kicked right to the Sergipe goalkeeper, he threw the ball downfield to a teammate who quickly dribbled downfield to take advantage of Guarany's empty net. There was only one Guarany defender able to get in between the Sergipe player and the goal, and the Sergipe shot attempt made it past the defender. However, a mystery ball boy (and apparently a fan of Guarany) snuck onto the field and kicked the ball away, then nonchalantly jogged off the field and out of the stadium without being bothered as if nothing happened.

A scuffle nearly broke out between the two teams, but things stayed under control. Since it was late in the game and the goal would have merely extended the Sergipe lead, the remainder of the game was called off and Sergipe was declared victorious.

H/T Dirty Tackle.

UPDATE: Thanks to Patrick for letting us know that the old video had been removed. We found another copy of it, so you should be able to see it now.
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