Kelly Kraft's tee shot hits Kyle Reifers' ball on the fly (Video)

Now here's something you don't see every day: golfer Kelly Kraft bounced a tee shot off Kyle Reifers' ball in the fairway of the 15th hole during Friday's second round of the Memorial golf tournament.

It happened at the 15th hole right after Kyle Reifers hit his own tee shot onto the fairway. Kraft's tee shot hit Reifers' ball on the fly and bounced backwards about 15 yards to the other side of the fairway.

Meanwhile, Reifers' ball was actually knocked forward about 10 yards, but stayed in the fairway. However, since he didn't know the exact spot where his ball was lying on the fairway before it got hit by Kraft's ball, Reifers had to take a drop. Kraft had to play his ball where it stopped.

Reifers made bogey on the 15th hole, but still finished tied for seventh at the end of the second round. Kraft made par for the 15th hole, but ended up missing the cut.

PGATour video via Yahoo! Sports. H/T Devil Ball Golf.
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