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Aug 20, 2012

Indians closer Chris Perez curses out Athetics fan for heckling him (Video)

Cleveland Indians All-Star closer Chris Perez cursed out an Oakland A's fan after being heckled during pregame warmups before Sunday's MLB game at O.co Coliseum.

Perez came over to the right field stands as the heckling fan came down to the front row to say "Here I am." The fan appeared to tell off two Indians players while Perez took the bait and threw a few choice words his way.

Note that the video only tells one side of the story, as it conveniently leaves out the heckling of Perez by the fan that presumably led up to the confrontation. However, when you're a major league baseball player like Perez, you are held to higher standards, and Perez would have been much better off ignoring the fan than sinking down to his level. Nobody wins in this situation, but Perez has much more to lose, as he will probably find out as this video makes the rounds.

(DISCLAIMER: NSFW language and inappropriate dialogue in this video).

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

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  1. It's no wonder that the Indians are sliding to the cellar of baseball. With leadership like this who needs enemies. My favorite part is where the A's fan tells Perez to look at the standings and Perez's response is "I don't give a fu**!" Well that's just great Chris. You've been upset about the fans lack of interest in this team all year and when the A's fan points to the Indian's dismal record your response is you don't care? WHY SHOULD WE CARE.


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