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Nov 3, 2012

Lolo Jones says she can beat Denard Robinson in a race (Video)

U.S. Olympic athlete (and former LSU track star) Lolo Jones was the guest celebrity during Saturday's episode of ESPN College GameDay, live on location at the LSU campus at Baton Rouge.

Jones picked Michigan to beat Minnesota, but took a verbal shot at Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, who earlier this year claimed he could beat Olympic gold medalist Usain bolt in a race.  Jones made a bold statement by saying "Denard Robinson, you couldn't beat me in a race, let alone Usain Bolt, but I'll give you and your team the win today."

And, of course, Jones picked her alma mater, LSU, to defeat top-ranked Alabama.

Video via BLS.


  1. With all due respect LOlO, you got showed up at the olympics in the 100 meter dash, and other events so with that being said you can not beat Denard Robinson in an all out 100 meter dash. He has been clocked at 10.4 or lower and your 100 time is nowhere near that. Just Fyi I ran a 10.24 in high school at the Texas relays and I recently clocked a 10.28 in the 100 so you couldn't beat me neither.

  2. She's a Hurdler, not an 100 meter runner. Nice try though..

  3. There are hundreds of male high school and college sprinters that could beat Lolo in the 100m or 200m, and to that point, hundreds that could have beaten the Olympic champions Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce or Allyson Felix. For perspective, Shelly-Ann ran a 10.75 to win the 100m gold medal in London; the 25th fastest male high school sprinter ran a 10.50 in 2012; Allyson Felix ran a 21.88 to win the 200m gold medal in London; the 25th fastest male high school sprinter ran a 21.11 in 2012; Denard ran a 10.56 100m and 21.89 200m in high school in 2009, and is 3 years older and stronger now. I love Lolo as an athlete and role model, but she's a little nuts on her "I can beat a man" statement. On a good day, Lolo or Shelly-Ann or Allyson might be able to beat a really fast male 9th grade sprinter.

  4. that's some pretty funny & factual total shut down brother!

  5. But could she beat him in pads? BTW her LSU prediction doesn't exactly make her credible.

    I guess since no one cares about her virginity any more she needs something to garner face time.

  6. What guy would want to run ahead, even if they could out run her. Stay behind and enjoy the scenery.

  7. 1) It was a joke. 2) She never said it had to be in 100 meter dash. A race in the 100 hurdles she would definitely win. seeing as how that is her primary race, we can assume she was talking about the hurdles. People just trying to find reasons not to like her...smh

  8. Love LoLo, but I wish she would just shut it and run--or push a bobsled--sometimes. She did sound serious about it (didn't crack a smile), AND, since the context was not being able to beat Usain Bolt in a race the assumption is that Denard could not beat HER in one of Usain's races, either. Those would be the 100 or 200 or 400. But, correct, she did not run either of those races at the Olympics, @Jayrock28. Keep up, man.

  9. let alone usain bolt? does she think shes better than usain bolt?

  10. my son ran a 21.04 in the 200 meters in middle school. That was 4 years ago.

  11. Here's a proposal of epic proportions-
    Denard Robinson is a senior @ Michigan. There are possibly 3-4 games left (if they earn a Bowl birth)
    After his season is completed have a charitable event.
    Denard v. Usain in 40 yard dash and 100m
    Lolo v. Denard in same distances

    Denard said he could be Usain in the 40. He did not boast about beating Mr. Bolt in the 100m, in fact, Denard said, "I don't know about the 100, but definitely in the 40".

    Proceeds go to charity of sprinter's choice.
    The hype, promotions, and stage can be set up with whomever would be interested in the Event.
    I think the public would love to see it happen.

  12. Robinson ran a 10.44 100m in high school, and a 6.81 60m in Spring 2010. Lolo needs to shut the hell up.

  13. Let me get this straight, you can't beat the women in the events you compete in, but you're constantly talking about how you can beat this man and that man. How about you beat the women you compete against first. Lolo is nothing but a pretty face to promote her sport. Another woman athlete that doesn't produce but gets all the press. I mean the women who actually won their events don't get the press that Lolo gets and she didn't even medal. She needs to shut her mouth and dominate her sport before she starts talking about taking on male athletes.


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