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Aug 31, 2012

Mystery man knocks kid off lawnmower, then Tebows (Video)

A 17-year-old Pennsylvania boy claims a man got out of a car and knocked him off his lawn mower, then Tebowed before driving off earlier this week.

According to a WPXI-TV news report, Josh Ehrenberg from Shenango, PA, was cutting grass at his home when he turned his lawn mower around in the middle of the road. A man in the car stopped, got out and clotheslined Ehrenberg off the tractor. The man got back in his car and drove off, but apparently "did a Tim Tebow" pose before he left.

Apparently this man is still on the loose, so be careful out there.

Video via. H/T Off the Bench.

US Open ball boy slips, falls on court during Federer match (Video)

A ball boy at the US Open tennis tournament lost his footing and fell on the court after picking up a loose ball during Thursday's second round match between No. 1 seed Roger Federer and Germany's Bjorn Phau.

No one ever said being a ball boy was easy, as thousands of people in the stands (and possibly millions of others on television worldwide) will see it if you slip up like this, but this guy seemed to take it all in stride.

Video via. H/T Sportress.

Ohio farm pays tribute to Reds with corn maze (Photo)

The folks at Irons Fruit Farm in Lebanon, Ohio used the Cincinnati Reds as inspiration for this year's corn maze.

The maze covers 12 acres and features Reds mascot Mr. Redlegs, the Reds logo and the phrase "GO REDS", along with some figurines of baseball players. The maze is open on weekends during September and October, along with Columbus Day.

Photo via Yahoo! Sports. H/T Big League Stew.

Rice band takes shot at USC...while playing UCLA (Photo)

The Rice University Marching Owl Band took a shot at USC during halftime of Thursday night's football game against UCLA by turning the S into a dollar sign as they spelled out the letters of the school, making it "U$C".

This is similar to a halftime stunt the Rice band pulled last year as they spelled out "$EC" to take a shot at Texas A&M's move to the SEC conference during a game against Texas.

Obviously the Marching Owl band is trying to make a statement, but it made a bit more sense with Texas A&M since they were conference rivals at one point, plus both schools are located in Texas. For Rice's band to take a shot at USC was a bit of a stretch, with the only obvious connection being that both schools play UCLA in football this year. However, the Marching Owl band certainly knows how to get people's attention.

H/T Cosby Sweaters.

Oregon Duck mascot creates Gangnam Style parody video (Video)

Nothing much to see here - just the Oregon Duck mascot jumping on the Gangnam Style bandwagon with a parody video.

The video also features the Oregon cheerleaders, along with someone dressed as Bigfoot, and Kermit the Frog and Yoda puppets.

The Duck also channels his inner Gallagher by smashing a watermellon with a giant sledgehammer.

Video via GoDucks.com.

Fan makes great catch of Hanley Ramirez foul ball (Video)

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan made a great grab of a foul ball during Thursday night's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks as he reached over the railing to grab the ball with his glove.

It happened in the bottom of the ninth on a foul ball hit in the left field corner by Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Video via MLB.com.

Aug 30, 2012

Kent State football player returns fumble 58 yards...the wrong way (Video)

Kent State linebacker Andre Parker picked up a fumble by Towson punt returner Derrick Joseph and ran it 58 yards the wrong way during opening night of the college football season.

It happened just before the end of the first half of Thursday's game as the Kent State punt grazed Joseph, making it a live ball. Parker did the correct thing by picking it up, but obviously got confused as to which direction to run in.

Ironically enough, Towson players tackled Parker as he was running towards his own end zone, which would have been a safety and two points for Towson.

Fortunately Kent State had a 24-7 lead at the time and Towson didn't score before the half ended, so Parker's mistake didn't cost his team.

Football season, ladies and gentlemen. Gotta love it.

Video via BSO. H/T Timothy Burke.

Fans attend Phillies game dressed as gorilla and bunny (Video)

Two fans watched Thursday's Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park wearing full body gorilla and bunny costumes.

Obviously, the first question that comes to mind is "Why?", but not only that, aren't they hot in those costumes? At least no one can recognize them.

Phillies fans are on a roll this week.  First there was the "Lipstick Girl", and now these two. Can't wait to see what they'll do next.

Photo via @dcsportsbog. H/T @terpsrule.

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Squirrel runs onto court during U.S. Open tennis match (Video)

At the U.S. Open tennis tournament, a first round match between France's Julien Benneteau and Belarus' Olivier Rochus was briefly delayed when a squirrel found its way onto the court, providing from some unscheduled "halftime" entertainment.

Video via. H/T CS.

Boys II Men saves Charles Barkley before he completely butchers 'End of the Road' (Video)

Charles Barkley was singing karaoke in North Carolina earlier this week and was butchering Boys II Men's classic "End of the Road"...until he was saved by none other by Boys II Men themselves.

Barkley was in town for the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic. Boys II Men just happened to be in the same place that night. Naturally it was rather convenient that a Boys II Men song came on as Boys II Men were in the audience.

Was it staged? Maybe, but does it really matter?

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

Bryce Harper ejected for throwing helmet after grounding into double play (Video)

Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper was ejected from Wednesday night's game against the Miami Marlins when he tossed his helmet to the ground after grounding into a double play in the ninth inning.

Despite the fact that Harper had already hit two home runs in the game and the Nationals had an 8-4 lead in the ninth, he let his frustration get the best of him. Harper tossed his helmet to the ground, and first base umpire CB Bucknor tossed Harper from the game. It was the first ejection of Harper's career.

We've seen Harper slam his bat and shatter it several times this month, and now this. Hopefully Nationals manager Davey Johnson can get Harper to work out his anger management issues in time for the postseason.

Video via MLB.com.


NFL replacement referee Don King shows why NFL needs real referees back (Video)

NFL replacement referee Don King had some serious trouble explaining the penalty assessment on a play during Wednesday night's preseason game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. It was a fiasco that presented a perfect example of why the NFL needs to get the real referees back as soon as possible.

It happened with 6:08 left in the second quarter after two penalty flags were thrown during a Giants punt by Steve Weatherford. After King initially announced offsetting penalties on both teams, a whistle was blown before the replay of fourth down so that a correction could be made to announce that both penalties on the preceding play were committed by the Giants. Unfortunately, King stumbled badly while trying to make his announcement, and it was painful to watch:
A correction on the reporting on the foul. Both teams were on the...Both opp...Both fouls were on the kicking team.
The game was delayed for another couple of minutes while the referees had more conversations with themselves and with head coaches Bill Belicheck and Tom Coughlin, then King had to make one more announcement to the crowd to settle everything.

In the end, the replacement officials got the final call right by enforcing a five-yard penalty on the Giants and replaying the fourth down punt. However, with the NFL making it official that they will use replacement referees for Week 1 of the regular season, there could be a lot of unnecessary delays like this as the replacement referees try to work their way through things. That's going to make the fans, and the NFL head coaches, very unhappy. So much for speeding up the games.

H/T Sports Grid.

Jets owner Woody Johnson says "You can never have too much Tebow" (Video)

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said "You can never have too much Tebow" during a television interview Wednesday, providing some possible insight into the team's decision making.

Johnson was a guest on CNBC Wednesday to discuss his role as National Finance Committee Co-Chair for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. As conversation turned to the Jets and how their offense has failed to score a touchdown in the preseason so far, the focus of the conversation turned to Tim Tebow. Johnson was asked whether the answer for the offensive struggles was "More Tebow or less Tebow?"

Johnson's response (at about the 4:50 mark of the video):
I think you can never have too much Tebow, but...I think it's more than just that, it's getting all the players — the offensive line and everything coordinated in the way that you can establish a good running attack...
Hard to tell whether Johnson was trying to make a joke or not, but that doesn't sound funny to Jets fans, or starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Video via CNBC. H/T Business Insider.

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Prince Fielder collides with Mike Moustakas while covering first (Video)

Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder collided with Kansas City Royals batter Mike Moustakas on a grounder to first base during Wednesday night's game at Kaufmann Stadium.

In the bottom of the sixth, Moustakas hit a chopper towards first base to Fielder, who was about 15 feet off the bag but decided to make the play himself. That led to a race to the bag between Fielder and Moustakas, and Fielder got there first. Moustakas was running hard but took the worst of the impact from the collision with Fielder, as it looked as if Moustakas had hit a brick wall. Moustakas grabbed Fielder as he was falling down and ended up taking Fielder down with him.

Fortunately, both Moustakas and Fielder were OK afterwards, and they both got a big laugh out of it.

Video via MLB.com.

Marco Scutaro knocks hole in out-of-town scoreboard (Video)

San Francisco Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro knocked a hole in the out-of-town scoreboard at Minute Maid Park with a line drive double during Wednesday night's game against the Houston Astros.

Scutaro led off the top of the sixth inning with the line drive to left field that knocked a 3 out of the scoreboard. The Astros left fielder played the carom off the scoreboard well and made a good throw to second base, but Scutaro just beat the throw.

Video via MLB.com.

Aug 29, 2012

Polish soccer player earns yellow card for faking injury after jawing with opponent (Video)

During a recent soccer match from Poland, Polonia Warsaw striker Lukasz Teodorczyk made himself look silly when he took a dive after being barely touched by Lech Poznan's Luis Henriquez.

It happened in the second half as both players got tangled up going after the ball. The ref blew the whistle, but things got heated as Teodorczyk and Henriquez went nose to nose.

From the video, Henriquez appeared to give Teodorczyk a very light head butt to Teodorczyk's nose. However, as evidence to how lightly Teodorczyk may have been touched, he had a chance to finish his sentence and think about it for a second before grabbing his face and falling to the ground, pretending to be in unbelievable pain.

To the referees, however, the only thing unbelievable was Teodorczyk's acting, so they gave him a yellow card for lack of sportsmanship.

Video via. H/T 101gg.

Girl wipes out during Bruins ice girl tryouts (Animated)

A girl trying out for the Boston Bruins Ice Girls wiped out during Tuesday's session at Boston University as she lost her balance while throwing a T-shirt into the stands.  Unfortunately for her, cameras were there to capture the embarrassing moment.

As skating is arguably the most important skill for an Ice Girl, this wipeout probably didn't help her chances of making the squad. There's always next year.


Alex Morgan discusses all-night celebration after winning Olympic gold medal (Video)

U.S. women's soccer star Alex Morgan recently appeared on Access Hollywood and discussed the all-night celebration that took place after winning the Olympic gold medal in London.

Not only did Morgan stay out until 6:30AM, but her family partied with her and the team all night. Morgan didn't throw anyone under the bus when asked who was the biggest "rager" on the team, other than to say that Abby Wambach likes to drink (in the offseason, of course). Video via Access Hollywood. H/T Business Insider.

A female Phillies fan painted her face with lipstick (Video)

A female Philadelphia Phillies fan painted her face completely red with lipstick during Tuesday night's game at Citizens Bank Park against the New York Mets.

Obviously she is a committed Phillies fan, although whether she's taken that commitment a bit too far is subject for debate.

Video via MLB.com.

Houston football coach Tony Levine is a really good saxophone player (Video)

Houston Cougars head football coach Tony Levine visited the university's band camp last week and was given an opportunity to demonstrate his musical skills on the saxophone.

As it turns out, to the band's surprise, Coach Levine is a really good saxophone player.

Video via. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Weather Channel's Jim Cantore goes Tebowing during Hurricane Isaac (Video)

Weather Channel storm tracker Jim Cantore went "Tebowing" Wednesday morning in the streets of New Orleans while covering Hurricane Isaac.

Due to the serious wind and rain from the storm, Cantore was having trouble standing up, so he kneeled down in the Tebow position to protect himself from being blown backwards. While down on the ground, Cantore commented to viewers, "For whatever it's worth, I hope I'm making [Tim] Tebow proud."

Video via. H/T Awful Announcing.

DirectTV commercial outtakes with Deion Sanders, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are absolutely hysterical (Video)

NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, along with NFL analyst Deion Sanders, recently filmed a series of commercials for DirectTV to promote the NFL Sunday Ticket package for 2012. Last week, DirectTV released the outtakes from those commercials, and they are hilarious.

Video via DirectTV. H/T OTB.

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Aug 28, 2012

Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford team up for dramatic circus catch (Video)

San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval and shortstop Brandon Crawford teamed up for a dramatic circus catch on a pop fly in foul territory during Tuesday night's MLB game at Minute Maid Park against the Houston Astros.

It happened in the bottom of the first inning as Astros batter Jason Castro hit a foul popup down the third base side. Sandoval overran the ball and fell down backwards while trying to catch it, but dove and managed to keep the ball from hitting the ground while knocking the ball back up in the air. The ball was just high enough for Crawford to make a diving catch.

Video via MLB.com. H/T Sports Grid.

Novak Djokovic receives marriage proposal from...a young boy? (Video)

Tennis star Novak Djokovic received a surprise last week while practicing his serve in preparation for the U.S. Open tournament when a boy in the stands at Louis Armstrong Stadium shouted "Djokovic, will you marry me?"

The proposal from the boy, who appeared to be about 11 or 12 years old, threw Djokovic for a loop and certainly got his attention, as well as some laughs from the hundreds of fans in attendance. The boy's stunt worked as he could have hoped, as Djokovic invited the boy onto the court to take a few practice serves and appeared to give him a few pointers.

After taking the serves, Djokovic wished the boy well and gave him a hug before sending him back into the stands.

There is some speculation on other blogs that this was staged, but we're willing to give the benefit of the doubt here. As this may have been the boy's only chance to meet his hero, he probably would have done anything to meet Djokovic.

H/T New York Daily News.

Michael Johnson falls off boat during America's Cup race (Video)

Retired American Olympic gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson accidentally abandoned ship when he fell off the back of the Team Oracle USA sailboat during the America's Cup fleet racing finale on Sunday in San Francisco Bay.

Johnson was aboard as a guest crew member but fell into the water as he lost his footing while crossing the rigging in the back of the boat during the race.

Fortunately Johnson was OK as he was wearing a life jacket and picked up by the team chase boat.

Video via AmericasCup. H/T Fourth-Place Medal.

Padres ball girl makes great one-handed grab of line drive (Video)

A San Diego Padres ball girl made a one-handed catch of a line drive with her glove in front of the Atlanta Braves bullpen during Monday night's MLB game at Petco Park.

It happened in the bottom of the fifth inning as Padres batter Logan Forsythe hit a sharp liner down the first base side directly towards the Braves bullpen. The Braves relief pitchers began to get out of the way, but the ballgirl (identified by Dick Enberg as Catalina) snagged the ball with her glove, and made it look incredibly easy.

Now the debate can begin as to which ball girl made the better catch: Padres ball girl Catalina, or Phillies ball girl Genevieve Haney.

Video via MLB.com.

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Aug 27, 2012

Anthony 'Spice' Adams makes his hilarious rap debut (Video)

While NFL free agent Anthony "Spice" Adams waits for a team to come calling, he continues to diversify his skillset with his latest first love: rap.

After chasing his NBA dreams, Adams breaks out the bling and reinvents himself as rapper 2 A's in what may be his funniest video yet.  Although sipping Dad's root beer and riding around in a Chrysler Town and Country minivan is not typical for an aspiring rapper, Spice makes it work.

Naturally Adams uses his life experience as inspiration, and being the father of young children, that makes for some interesting lyrics:
I feed my daughter peas, feed my son Eggos.  Steppin' on toys, man, Pick up these Legos!
Whether the rap game works for Adams or not, we hope there are more videos on the way.  Keep 'em coming, Spice.

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Aug 26, 2012

Prince Fielder tagged out on double after sliding past second base (Video)

Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder was tagged out after sliding past second base on a double during Saturday's MLB game at Comerica Park against the Los Angeles Angels.

In the bottom of the second inning after Fielder hit the ball down the line to right field. Fielder was running full speed to second base, but didn't decide to slide until the very last second. Fielder tried to grab the base with his left hand, but his momentum carried him about five feet past the bag, allowing Angels second baseman Erick Aybar to tag him out easily.

The Tigers should come up with a strategy so that Fielder knows whether to slide or not slide the next time around. He's very lucky he didn't hurt himself, and the Tigers can't afford to lose a valuable player like Fielder as they make a late run for the playoffs.

Video via MLB.com. H/T Sports Grid.

Astros' Fernando Abad, Jason Castro run into each other while fielding bunt (Video)

Houston Astros pitcher Fernando Abad and catcher Jason Castro ran into each other while fielding a bunt during Saturday's game at Citi Field against the New York Mets. The play that pretty much sums up how bad the Astros season has been.

It happened in the bottom of the fourth inning with two outs and a Mets runner on third base. Abad and Castro were chasing down a bunt laid down the first base side by Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey. Abad grabbed the ball just as Castro was about to pick it up, resulting in Castro knocking over Abad. Abad's throw to first base was too late, resulting in an infield hit and an RBI for Dickey.

Needless to say, the Astros lost to the Mets 3-1.

Video via MLB.com.


Tigers fan with 'lucky shirt' catches foul ball (Video)

A fan attended Friday night's Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park wearing a T-shirt that read "THIS IS MY LUCKY SHIRT". That may have actually brought the fan some luck, as he managed to snag a foul ball hit by Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

It happened in the bottom of the sixth as the "lucky" fan in the right field stands reached over several other fans to snag the ball with his glove.

So, how much was that shirt?

Video via MLB.com.

Aug 25, 2012

Bubba Watson videobombs Alex Miceli during live TV interview, hilarity ensues (Video)

Pro golfer Bubba Watson videobombed Alex Miceli during a live television interview on Golf Channel's On The Range during Wednesday's episode, which covered The Barclays golf tournament.

Imagine viewers trying to pay attention to anything Miceli had to say while Watson was pretending to be bored by rolling his eyes, nodding his head and looking at his watch. After talking for over 20 seconds, Miceli got wind of somebody standing behind him and turned around to catch Watson, but it was too late to do anything about it.

Golf Channel video via.

Celtics rookie Fab Melo breaks folding chair...by sitting on it (Video)

Boston Celtics rookie center Fab Melo was sitting down on a folding chair with some other NBA rookies during a recent photo shoot when it suddenly collapsed without warning.

It appeared that the legs just gave way and couldn't support Melo's 7-foot, 255 pound frame, and cameras were perfectly positioned to capture the moment as it happened.

Melo was OK, aside from the bruised ego from being caught in this embarrassing situation.

Video via NBA.

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Liverpool FC's Raheem Sterling takes out cameraman (Video)

In a Europa League soccer match Thursday night, Liverpool FC winger Raheem Sterling accidentally took out a cameraman during the first half of their 1-0 win over Hearts.

Sterling was pushed out of bounds by Hearts defender Callum Paterson as they chased a ball into the corner of the field, where the photographer happened to be seated on a portable stool. Sterling went into a slide to avoid a full speed collision with the cameraman, but couldn't stop himself from sliding into the stool and knocking him over.

Credit goes to Sterling for his effort to avoid injuring the cameraman, and also apologizing immediately as he slid into the stool. The cameraman, and his camera, appeared to be fine afterwards.

One of the broadcasters summed it up best when he said the cameraman "certainly got his close-up here."

Video via. H/T 101gg.

Aug 24, 2012

Kevin Frandsen bunts way to first on Miguel Cairo's fielding error (Video)

Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Kevin Frandsen made it to first base on a bunt with savvy base running, and a fielding snafu by Cincinnati Reds first baseman Miguel Cairo, during Thursday night's MLB game at Citizens Bank Park.

With no outs and Juan Pierre on first base, Frandsen intended to sacrifice himself to bunt Pierre to second. Frandsen bunted the ball towards first base and it was fielded by Cairo. However, as Cairo approached Frandsen to tag him, Cairo decided to take a quick look towards second base, which gave Frandsen the opportunity to sidestep around Cairo's glove and avoid the tag. Cairo tried to throw the ball to first base but dropped the ball in the process.

Reds manager Dusty Baker tried to argue that Frandsen stepped too far out of the first base line as he avoided Cairo's tag, but the umpire let the play stand.

Cairo was given an error on the play, but fortunately for him, the Phillies were not able to score any runs in the inning.

Video via MLB.com.

Mark Trumbo fouls pitch into Angels radio broadcast booth (Video)

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Mark Trumbo fouled a pitch into the Angels radio broadcast booth during Thursday night's game at Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox.

It happened in the first inning as Trumbo fouled the 1-0 pitch back behind home plate. Angels broadcaster Jose Mota put his hand up in an attempt to protect himself, but as the ball bounced into the booth, Mota accidentally knocked over his own microphone.

Video via MLB.com.

Aug 23, 2012

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher top list of celebrities at Dodgers game (Video)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, former co-stars of That 70s Show, led a group of A-list celebrities in attendance at Dodger Stadium for Wednesday night's Los Angeles Dodgers game against the San Francisco Giants.

Mila wore a Dodgers jersey while Ashton wore a Dodgers cap as they sat in the front row.

NBA Hall-of-Fame coach Pat Riley was also in attendance, along with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart, and actor Rob Reiner.

Video via MLB.com.

Jordyn Wieber throws out ceremonial first pitch at Tigers game (Video)

Jordyn Wieber, member of the "Fierce Five" gold medalist U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics team, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday's Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park.

Jordyn Wieber throws out first pitch at Detroit Tigers game

Wieber's hometown is Dewitt, Michigan, but this was the first Tigers game she had ever attended.

Video via MLB.com.


Scottie Pippen throws out first pitch at White Sox game (Video)

NBA Hall-of-Famer and Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen threw out the honorary first pitch before Wednesday night's Chicago White Sox game against the New York Yankees.

Pippen wore a Frank Thomas White Sox jersey for the occasion and threw a decent pitch to outfielder John Danks behind home plate.

Pippen's appearance was part of Chicago Bulls Night being held by the Chicago White Sox.

Video via MLB.com.

Joe Girardi halts postgame press conference to chase heckler (Video)

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi briefly interrupted his postgame press conference to chase down a heckler at U.S. Cellular Field after Wednesday night's loss to the Chicago White Sox.

Girardi was surrounded by reporters and was being asked to comment on White Sox pitcher Chris Sale's performance (13 strikeouts in over 7 innings pitched). Meanwhile, fans were down the hall in a line heading out of the stadium when one of them shouted towards Girardi: "Yankees swept? Yes!" (The White Sox win completed a three-game sweep of the Yankees).

Girardi initially ignored the fan and started to answer the question, but the fan began to shout something else, prompting Girardi to leave the huddle of reporters and go after the fan: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up! I'm doing an interview." After asking a security guard to do something about the heckling fan, which would have been irrelevant because the fan was on his way out anyway, Girardi headed back to the reporters and continued answering the reporter's question as if nothing had happened.

Video via CSNChicago.

Aug 22, 2012

Bubba Watson uses couch pillow as tee to hit drive off back porch (Video)

Pro golfer Bubba Watson is renting a home in Lloyd Harbor, NY this week while he takes part in the Barclays Pro Am golf tournament. To keep his fans entertained, he posted a video of himself using a couch pillow for a tee as he practiced his drive from the back porch of the home.

DISCLAIMER: As Watson warns on his Twitter account, do not try this at home.

Watson's partner Thursday will be none other than New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams.

H/T Devil Ball Golf.

A's turn triple play during win over Twins (Video)

The Oakland A's infield turned a triple play in the fifth inning of Tuesday night's game at the O.co Coliseum against the Minnesota Twins.

With Twins runners on first and second, Twins batter Trevor Plouffe hit a sharp chopper to third base. A's third baseman Josh Donaldson was in perfect position to grab the grounder, step on third, turn and throw to Adam Rosales at second for the first two outs.

As Rosales stepped on second, he had to turn and leap over the slide of Twins runner Ryan Doumit before making the throw to first base, but still got it to first baseman Chris Carter in time to complete the triple play.

Video via MLB.com.

Mets ballboy makes backhand grab of line drive (Video)

A New York Mets ballboy made a nice grab of a line drive during Tuesday night's game at Citi Field against the Colorado Rockies.

It happened in the bottom of the second inning on a foul liner down the first base side by Mets batter Mike Baxter. The ballboy didn't even get up from the stool he was sitting on as he made the backhanded catch with his glove, then nonchalantly gave it to a little girl in the front row. Nice grab.

Video via MLB.com.

South African soccer player earns red card for kicking opponent in the groin from behind (Video)

During a recent soccer match in South Africa between the Orlando Pirates and Supersport United, Pirates defender Rooi Mahamutsa earned himself a red card as he kicked United's Thabiso Nkoana's in the groin from behind.

It happened as Nkoana had positioned himself to bump a ball in the air with his chest and Mahamutsa was going for the ball from behind. Mahamutsa was boxed out by Nkoana and apparently felt his best chance at getting to the ball was delivering a kick through Nkoana's crotch. Yet, somehow Mahamutsa managed to express complete shock when the referee kicked him out of the game.

Let this be today's lesson: kicks to the groin are frowned upon in soccer.

H/T Dirty Tackle.

Aug 21, 2012

Maria Sharapova takes on Jimmy Fallon in beer pong (Video)

Tennis star Maria Sharapova was a guest on Monday night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC. As a warmup to the start of next week's U.S. Open tournament, she took on Fallon in a game of beer pong.

It should be noted that Sharapova's side of the table contained cups of root beer, while Fallon's side had cups of real beer. Sharapova appeared to be a bit disappointed when she found out she wouldn't be drinking real beer.

Fallon also pieced together a string of clips featuring Sharapova's grunting during her matches, which works for a few laughs as well.

Video via NBC.

Bryce Harper shatters bat, again, after striking out (Video)

Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper shattered his bat after striking out during extra innings of Monday night's game against the Atlanta Braves.

It happened in the bottom of the 11th as Harper struck out against Braves pitcher Luis Avilan. It was the second time this month that Harper has shattered his bat after striking out.

We know Harper is only 19, but hopefully some of the veterans in the Nationals dugout can give him a pep talk about keeping his composure. It's hard to "be as sexy as you can" when you're losing your temper so easily.

Video via MLB.com.

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Metta World Peace guest stars on 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace recently appeared as a guest star on the Nick Jr. kids show Yo Gabba Gabba!

World Peace starred in the special "Olympics" episode with his daughter, Diamond. In the episode, World Peace "races" against Toodee and a cartoon fox. It certainly shows a much kindler, gentler World Peace than we saw last April.

Another Canadian Little League outfielder makes incredible catch (Video)

Last Friday, Canadian Little League center fielder Thomas Neal made an awesome diving catch during Canada's 13-9 win over Mexico.

On Monday, Canada provided another catch for the Little League World Series highlight reels as left fielder Carter Kada-Wong chased a deep fly ball towards the outfield wall and leaped backwards to make the catch.

Unfortunately, Canada's outfielders will not be able to provide us with any more highlights this year, as they lost to Curacao (Venezuela) 4-3.

Video via ESPN. H/T Prep Rally.

Rory McIlroy drives tennis ball through Yale Bowl tunnel (Video)

Pro golfer Rory McIlroy is in New Haven this week to watch girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki defend her title at the New Haven Open at Yale women's tennis tournament. To pass the time, tournament organizers invited McIlroy to the Yale Bowl to see if he could drive a tee shot into the tunnel from the end zone of the football field with a tennis ball.

It's a creative way for McIlroy to get in some practice time to stay sharp.

Video via NewHavenOpenTennis. H/T Devil Ball Golf.

Andy Reid and Cullin Jenkins argue on sidelines (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins got into each other's faces during a heated argument on the sideline in Monday night's NFL preseason game against the New England Patriots.

It happened early in the second quarter as Jenkins was sitting with his fellow linemen on the bench after the Patriots had just scored a touchdown on an 80-yard drive. Jenkins was already talking with defensive line coach Jim Washburn when Reid stepped in and took Jenkins to task. Jenkins stood up and got into Reid's face while they went back and forth for a few seconds before being separated by Washburn and lineman Derek Landri.

The NFL preseason may not matter much to many of us, but it obviously means something to these guys. It's nothing personal, just business.

ESPN video via Sports Grid.

Aug 20, 2012

Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster do their Harry Caray impressions (Video)

Texas Rangers starting pitchers Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster recently appeared at the MLB Fan Cave and provided humorous broadcasting commentary on highlights of themselves while doing their impressions of legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray.

Holland and Dempster put on the white wigs and big glasses while providing laughs with the Caray-style commentary. Holland is known for his Harry Caray impression, but Dempster does a pretty good one as well.

Video via MLB.com.

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Louisville guard Peyton Siva throws down 360 between-the-legs slam dunk (Video)

Louisville Cardinals basketball senior guard Peyton Siva showed off his dunking skills earlier this month at Adidas Nations in Orange County, California with a 360 degree between-the-legs slam dunk.

Note that Siva stands only 5-foot-10, so that was pretty impressive and certainly got the attention of those watching in person.

Video via HomeTeamHoops. H/T Cosby Sweaters.

Manchester United commits jersey foul with Anderson's name misspelled (Photo)

Manchester United lost 1-0 in their English Premier League opener against Everton. However, they may have bigger issues occurring behind the scenes, as evidenced by midfielder Anderson wearing a jersey with his name misspelled on the back.

Memo to Man U's equipment manager: the name is not spelled "ANDESRON".

Photo via Yahoo! Sports. H/T Dirty Tackle.

Kentucky QB Maxwell Smith wears helmet-cam during practice (Video)

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Maxwell Smith wore a helmet cam during a recent preseason practice session, and the school recently posted some of the video to Youtube.

The video was primarily taken during 7-on-7 drills from a practice where the players wore only helmets and shoulder pads, but seeing the plays unfold from the quarterback's vantage point was extremely cool to watch.

Video via KentuckyVids. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Ben Crane shows how to celebrate making short putts (Video)

With golfer Ben Crane leading the PGA tour in putting from distances of 25 feet or more, he recently offered Golf Digest readers some advice on how to make more 5-to-15 foot putts. Namely, Crane recommends having a plan for how to react after you make your putt before you take the shot.

Video via GolfDigest. H/T Devil Ball Golf.  

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Danica Patrick drops F-bomb live on ESPN after running over shoe (Video)

On Saturday, Danica Patrick was in the lead in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Montreal until she ran over a shoe that someone threw onto the racetrack. That led to some steering problems that caused Danica to drop the F-bomb as she was communicating the issue to her pit crew.

As luck would have it, ESPN happened to be airing the audio of Danica's communication live on the air, leaving them to apologize afterwards as the network censors were clearly unprepared.

Danica had a right to be upset, as the steering trouble forced her into the pits for adjustments and knocked her from the lead. However, Danica should try to think about the kids that may be watching and keep her language clean.

(DISCLAIMER: Video contains NSFW language).

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

Indians closer Chris Perez curses out Athetics fan for heckling him (Video)

Cleveland Indians All-Star closer Chris Perez cursed out an Oakland A's fan after being heckled during pregame warmups before Sunday's MLB game at O.co Coliseum.

Perez came over to the right field stands as the heckling fan came down to the front row to say "Here I am." The fan appeared to tell off two Indians players while Perez took the bait and threw a few choice words his way.

Note that the video only tells one side of the story, as it conveniently leaves out the heckling of Perez by the fan that presumably led up to the confrontation. However, when you're a major league baseball player like Perez, you are held to higher standards, and Perez would have been much better off ignoring the fan than sinking down to his level. Nobody wins in this situation, but Perez has much more to lose, as he will probably find out as this video makes the rounds.

(DISCLAIMER: NSFW language and inappropriate dialogue in this video).

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

Utah State football team spends a day at the pool (Video)

The Utah State Aggies football team took a break from preseason practice to spend a leisurely day at a public pool, and many of the players used the outing to show off their skills on the diving board...or lack thereof, as the case may be.

One of the impressive feats came about by accident as a lineman slipped near the edge of the diving board, but somehow managed not to fall off of it.

All in all, Utah State seemed to enjoy their day off. Like they say: work hard, play hard.

Video via UtahStateFootball. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Arian Foster cuts bedtime story short in new Monday Night Football commercial (Video)

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster cuts a bedtime story short so he can watch Monday Night Football in a new ESPN commercial.

As the commercial cuts to a young girl's bedroom, Foster reads "And the princess says 'Never Mind', and that's the end." before quickly closing the book and shutting off the light.

Naturally the young girl feels cheated and says "That's not how the story goes".

To which Foster replies "That's how it goes tonight!"

The commercial also features:
  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones settling down to watch the game on the giant Cowboys Stadium scoreboard.
  • New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski eating wings upside down.
  • Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy checking his fantasy football stats in the locker room, and
  • New York Jets defensive back Darrelle Revis posing for a 'Revis Island' painting.

Video via ESPN.

Nationals game delayed due to praying mantis...seriously (Video)

During Sunday's Washington Nationals game in D.C., umpires called for a brief delay before the bottom of the sixth inning due to the sighting of...hold on to your hats, folks...a praying mantis in the outfield.

New York Mets center fielder Andres Torres gently picked up the praying mantis with his glove and handed it to a member of the grounds crew, who put it in a towel and carried it off the field. That should make animal lovers happy.

Video via MLB.com.

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Mario Balotelli pranks Man City photographer by stealing her camera lens hood (Video)

After Man City's 3-2 victory in their Premier League opener against Southampton, striker Mario Balotelli joked with the team's official photographer Sharon Latham by stealing the lens hood from her camera.

It happened in the tunnel as Balotelli was on his way to the locker room after the game. After Latham took a few quick snaps of Balotelli, he tried to take the camera, but Latham held on to it. Balotelli then tried to take the flash, but when that didn't come off easily, he had to settle for the lens hood as he pulled it off the camera and quickly turned the corner through the doors to the dressing room.

Latham didn't seem too upset, and we would imagine Balotelli probably gave it back later.

Video via Man City FC. H/T Dirty Tackle.

Aug 19, 2012

MLB stars do imitations of stars from 'The Expendables 2' (Video)

With the release of the movie Expendables 2 this weekend, the MLB Fan Cave wondered what would happen if the producers decided to go in a different direction for Expendables 3, namely, replacing the stars of the movie with major league baseball players.

As a result, various MLB stars were invited to the MLB Fan Cave to try out as replacements for the main actors in the movie. This gave them to do their impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham, while reciting quotes from some of their other famous movies.

Taking part in the fun were Derek Holland, Ryan Dempster, Jerry Hairston Jr., Tyler Clippard, Rick Sutcliffe, Sean Burnett, Dee Gordon, Franklin Morales, Ryan Matthews and Craig Stammen.

At the end is the promotional poster for 'The Expendables 3: War on the Basepaths".

Video via MLB.com.

Barry Zito throws 30-foot pitch (Video)

San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito threw a pitch only made it halfway to home plate as he lost his grip on the baseball while throwing it during Saturday's MLB game at Petco Park against the San Diego Padres.

It happened in the second inning on Zito's 1-1 pitch to Padres batter Carlos Quentin. Zito's pitch eventually rolled the rest of the way towards home plate, but naturally was called a ball.

Video via MLB.com.

Aug 18, 2012

Ryan Lochte strips down on E!'s 'Fashion Police' (Video)

U.S. Olympic gold medal winning swimmer Ryan Lochte was a guest on E!'s Fashion Police and stripped all the way down to his Speedos for host Joan Rivers.

After getting Lochte undressed, Rivers brought him outside, where they both sat in a fountain so she could ask him about peeing.

Video via E! News. H/T Sports Grid.

Intoxicated Tigers fan gets kicked out of game (Video)

During Friday night's Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park, one fan was kicked out of the game by stadium security after he consumed so much alcohol that he couldn't stand up on his own without assistance.

We present this video as a public service announcement as to how fans should NOT behave at professional sporting events. The man's behavior speaks for itself and is extremely embarrassing. Holdout Sports does not condone this kind of behavior. Please, fans, think before you drink.

H/T Sports Grid.

Danica Patrick taken down by shoe thrown on racetrack (Video)

Danica Patrick led Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Montreal for about 20 laps until she ran over a shoe that was thrown onto the race track.

Danica ran right over the shoe, which seemed harmless enough, until she started having issues with her track bar and had to make an extra stop in the pits so her crew could make adjustments. 

The extra stop cost Danica the lead and probably her best shot at winning the race, all because some jerk decided to throw a shoe onto the track. The funny thing is the shoe probably would have done less damage if it hit the car directly.

Video via. H/T LAF.

McKayla Maroney discusses the "Not Impressed" face with David Letterman (Video)

The Olympic gold medal winning U.S. women's gymnastics team were guests on Tuesday's episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, where naturally the conversation turned to McKayla Maroney and her "Not Impressed" face that has spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Maroney made the now-famous face on the medal podium after settling for the silver medal in the women's vault event.

Maroney said "After I did it, the girls keep pointing it out, like 'You're doing the face again'". And now that McKayla is taught her teammates, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber and Kyla Ross, they all have their own version of the "Not Impressed" face.

Video via CBS. H/T Off the Bench.

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Penn State football team adds names to jerseys (Video)

As everyone knows, the Penn State football program is going through some tough times and making some changes. In an effort to give recognition to the players who have decided to stick with the program during the rough road ahead, Coach Bill O'Brien and the players decided to add names to the backs of the team jerseys for the first time ever for the upcoming season.

The video shows footage from earlier this week where the player nameplates were pressed before being stitched to the backs of the game jerseys.

Penn State opens its season on September 1st at University Park against Ohio University.

Video via GoPSUTV. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden star in funny Foot Locker ad (Video)

Oklahoma City Thunder stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden star in a new Foot Locker commercial called "Tear Away".

In it, Harden shows off his Foot Locker gear, and also came prepared with multiple layers of clothes that came in handy after Westbrook attacks him with mustard.

Video via FootLocker.

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Canadian Little Leaguer Thomas Neal makes awesome diving catch (Video)

In a Little League World Series game, Canada outfielder Thomas Neal made an awesome diving catch that prevented an extra-base hit during their 13-9 win over Mexico on Friday.

The catch came with in the bottom of the third inning with two outs and a runner on first as Canada led 10-8. Mexico's Eduardo Abrego hit the fly ball to the gap in left-center field which would have been an extra-base hit and scored the runner had it not been for Neal's amazing play.

Video and H/T Sports Grid.

Aug 17, 2012

Carmelo Anthony stars in new Foot Locker ad (Video)

New York Knicks star (and USA gold medalist) Carmelo Anthony stars in a new Foot Locker commercial promoting Jordan-brand T-shirts and shoes. The idea behind it is that Anthony had to hire some extra "Melo's" so that he could wear all his new Approved Foot Locker gear at the same time.

It seems that Carmelo tried to find guys that looked like him, but he stretched the limit a bit with Melo number 5.

Not bad, but the Foot Locker commercial with Russell Westbrook and James Harden is better.

Video via FootLocker.

Alabama football fans hold Crimson Tide-themed wedding (Video)

A couple of Alabama football fans recently held a Crimson Tide-themed wedding that has to be seen to be believed.

This wedding featured a football field aisle and a goalpost, with the ceremony conducted by a man dressed as a referee. To top it off, the special guest at the wedding was none other than the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot, the elephant known as Big Al.

Safe to say, this was a day that the happy couple, and their family and friends, will never forget.

H/T Sportress of Blogitude.

Marcus Stroud tries his hand at being a personal assistant (Video)

Recently retired NFL defensive lineman Marcus Stroud is apparently looking for ways to occupy his time, so Network of Champions invited Stroud to try his hand at being a personal assistant for Mike Lockyer. How did it go?

Well, let's just say that after a day of touching stinky feet, burping his boss, and almost getting arrested, Stroud decided that it wasn't the right job for him.

H/T Cosby Sweaters.

Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin gives out free ice cream (Video)

Vanderbilt Commodores head football coach James Franklin spent some quality time on campus last week promoting his program by giving out free ice cream to fellow faculty and staff.

Franklin was pushing the "Nutty Buddy" ice cream cones at the "Vandy Chills" employee celebration event, and brought his passion to the event by turning the giveaway into a competition with the other groups to see who could give away the most ice cream.

According to Franklin, when it was all said and done, "The Nutty Buddy dominated."

Video via Dr. Saturday.

Bryce Harper gives unusual advice at youth baseball clinic (Video)

Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper held a free youth baseball clinic in Fairfax, Virginia on Thursday where he had some interesting (and unusual) advice for some of the future prospects in attendance: "Be as sexy as you can".

We don't know exactly what Harper meant by that (and we would love to hear him explain this one), but we're pretty sure there was no ill intent behind his words. We commend Harper for spending some of his valuable time with local youth, not to mention also donating $2,500 to the Greater Washington Urban League. Keep up the good work, Bryce. Video via ABC7 Washington. H/T Business Insider.

Minnesota football team takes break from practice to play paintball (Video)

The University of Minnesota football team took part in a fun team building exercise with a paintball outing in Lakeville last weekend, and they filmed some highlights for their fans.

The players seemed to enjoy it, and their natural competitive spirit came out as they genuinely wanted to win each battle.

We like the use of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" as background music in the video, and cameras attached to the masks of some of the players help to provide a first-person view of what the action was like. However, you never actually see any of the players get hit with paint, which would have been neat to see.

Another small comment: the video states that the outing took place on Sunday, August 11th. However, last Saturday was actually August 11th, while Sunday was August 12th. Someone might want to fix that on the video.

Video via GoldenGopherGridiron. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Baby cries while being held by Tim Tebow (Photo)

In reality, this baby is just scared that a stranger is holding him instead of his mommy or daddy, and it has nothing to do with the fact that that stranger happens to be New York Jets backup quarterback (and special teams player?) Tim Tebow.

However, that baby could also be expressing the feelings of New York Jets fans as they look at the prospects of the upcoming season. We'll find out soon enough.

H/T Sports Grid.

Lionel Messi shakes hand of pitch invader in Germany (Video)

Near the end of Argentina's 3-1 win over Germany in a friendly soccer match in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a fan ran onto the pitch to shake the hand of Argentina's soccer superstar Lionel Messi.

(DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone running out onto the field.)

The pitch invader walked away quite happily and allowed security to take him away without any resistance.

On the one hand, we commend Messi's kindness towards a stranger. On the other hand, we hope that this incident doesn't encourage other people to try the same stunt and hope to be similarly "rewarded". Please, kids, understand that running onto the field during a sporting event is not OK.

Video via. H/T Off the Bench.

Andruw Jones loses fly ball in the sun (Video)

New York Yankees left fielder Andruw Jones lost a fly ball in the sun during Thursday's MLB game in Yankee Stadium against the Texas Rangers.

It happened in the top of the sixth inning as Rangers batter Josh Hamilton hit a fly ball to deep left center field. Jones was in position to make the catch but completely lost the ball. Jones tried to make a blind attempt at a catch as he fell to the ground trying to protect himself, but the ball bounced a foot away from Jones and into the Rangers bullpen, resulting in a ground rule double for Hamilton.

It could have been worse for Jones. At least he didn't have onion rings dropped on him this time.

The Rangers scored two runs in the inning on the way to a 10-6 victory.

Video via MLB.com.

Blue Jays 3B Adeiny Hechavarria does cartwheel after making catch (Video)

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Adeiny Hechavarria did a cartwheel in order to keep himself from falling to the ground during Thursday's game in the Rogers Centre against the Chicago White Sox.

It happened in the top of the eighth inning as Dewayne Wise hit a pop fly into foul territory on the third base side. Hechavarria briefly took his eye off the ball to see how close he was to the stands, then was thrown a bit off balance as he had to lean backwards to catch it. Hechavarria used the cartwheel to keep himself from falling to the ground.

Note that Hechavarria was not trying to show off on the play, but did get a nice applause from the crowd for his display of athleticism.

Video via MLB.com.
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