Rockets fan catches ball autographed by Hakeem Olajuwon, gives to kid (Video)

A Houston Rockets fan deserves a lot of credit for giving away a basketball autographed by Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon to a kid during Thursday night's game against Philadelphia.

Olajuwon was sitting in the front row for the game and was handed a basketball by Rockets mascot Clutch during a timeout. Olajuwon was happy to sign the ball, which Clutch took and threw (gently) into the crowd. The tall Rockets fan was able to reach above some nearby fans to grab it, but after sitting down, saw the young boy sitting in the row in front of him and gave the ball to him.

Considering that most people would have taken that basketball and sold it on eBay, this guy deserves a lot of credit for his unselfish act.

UPDATE: According to some sources, the fan was none other than former major league baseball player Tuffy Rhodes.

Video via NBA.
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