Tigers remain on field after third out (Video)

The Detroit Tigers apparently forgot the number of outs during the bottom of the third inning of Friday night's game in Baltimore, as all of the players remained on the field after recording the third out.

After Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander got Orioles batter Jonathan Schoop to strike out swinging for the third out, instead of heading for the dugout, the Tigers tossed the ball around the horn to get ready for the next batter.

Once the ball got back to Verlander, the word finally reached the Tigers that the inning was over. It's unclear what the players were confused about. The announcers for both teams were wondering why the Tigers weren't moving, so it seemed pretty clear to them. Very strange.

We've seen many incidents of individual players forgetting the number of outs. However, we've never seen an entire team forget the number of outs. There has to be more to the story.

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