HS girls soccer goalie suspended for flying tackle on opponent (Video)

A North Carolina high school girls soccer goalkeeper has been suspended two games after her flagrant takedown of an opponent with a flying tackle.

It was the last play of the game between Pinecrest (Southern Pines, NC) and Pine Forest (Fayyetteville, NC). Pine Forest goalie Cassie Sturtz took down Pinecrests's Riley Barrett with a tackle that may have been acceptable on a football field but certainly has no place in soccer.

Making matters worse, the play had already been blown dead as Barrett was offsides on the breakaway. Fortunately, Barrett was able to leave the field under her own power.

The referees discussed the play after the game and agreed to give Sturtz a flagrant foul, which according to North Carolina high school athletic rules is an automatic two-game suspension.

H/T USAToday.
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