Mike Leach drops motivational "Sasquatch" quote on Twitter (Video)

Mike Leach blows on his coffee

Washington State football coach Mike Leach is an interesting character. He has been known for some quirky behavior, such as stealing the attention of a 2017 Holiday Bowl press conference by blowing on his hot coffee.

You would expect an interesting coach to have an interesting Twitter account, and Leach certainly as one. Case in point, here is a motivational quote that Leach dropped on Twitter last night:
"Believe in yourself. Even if no one else will."

Great quote, and many people have said this in some form or other. What makes Leach's quote unusual is who he attributed the quote to: Sasquatch.

Why Leach attributed the quote to Sasquatch is anybody's guess, but that just adds another story to go along with the legend that he has become.

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