John Beilein accidentally hijacks Jim Harbaugh's live interview

John Beilein hijacks Jim Harbaugh live interview

ESPN conducted a live interview of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh during the first half of Thursday night's Michigan men's basketball game against Nebraska, but the scene was accidentally hijacked by coach John Beilein.

The interview took place during live action on the court with Harbaugh sitting in the front row near the home team's bench. Beilein was following action on the court and ended up right in front of the camera shot as Harbaugh was talking. Beilein was extremely unhappy about some things happening on the court, resulting in this hilarious scene for viewers at home:

It's unclear why Beilein was so bent out of shape considering that Michigan was up by 22 points at the time. Maybe he's trying to make sure his team is playing in top form with March Madness right around the corner.

Michigan ended up beating Nebraska 82-59. As far as ESPN conducting live interviews in the middle of the action during a college basketball game, next time they may not want to have the interviewee sitting right behind the home team's bench. They won't make that mistake again with Beilein around.

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