Hagos Gebrhiwet celebrates 5000 meter victory too early, finishes 10th

Hagos Gebrhiwet stunned after losing 5000 meters at Lausanne by miscounting laps

Olympic bronze medalist Hagos Gebrhiwet miscounted his laps during Friday's 5000 meter race at the IAAF Diamond League track and field meet in Lausanne, Switzerland, leading to a disastrous result.

The Ethiopian long-distance runner had kicked into high gear heading into the final lap, extending to a comfortable lead in the 5000 meter race lead at the 12-minute mark. However, as the bell rang for the final lap, Gebrhiwet slowed down and began jogging towards the right side of the track, celebrating with his arms up in the air while thinking that the race was over and he had won.

As there was still a lap to go, the race continued, and by the time Gebrhiwet had realized his mistake, World Indoor Championship star Yomif Kejelcha had passed him for the lead. Since Gebrhiwet had already used up all his energy, he was unable to regain his pace in the final lap and was dusted by the field. Gebrhiwet ultimately finishing in 10th place as Kejelcha ended up winning.

Gebrhiwet won the bronze medal in the 5000 meters at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, so it is difficult to explain how a runner with his experience could make such a mistake. It's something that he's going to have to live with, and hopefully Gebrhiwet can take something positive away from this and learn from it.

[Video via NBCSports. H/T FOX News]
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