Indians fans dress as umpires, call strikeouts

A couple of Cleveland Indians fans came to Tuesday night's game against Houston dressed as umpires and joined the real one behind home plate in calling strikeouts.

Cameras captured the unidentified fans in the top of the fourth wearing blue collared shirts and black umpire facemasks. As Indians pitcher Shane Bieber threw a pitch down the middle that the home plate umpire called strike three on Astros batter Alex Bregman, the umps in the stands stood up to make their own strikeout calls.

Bieber struck out eight batters over seven innings and only gave up two runs. Unfortunately, the Indians failed to back him up with some offense as the Astros came away with a 2-0 victory.

As far as the fake umpires, no word as to whether they joined in on all of Bieber's strikeouts or why they were dressed as umpires. If anyone has the scoop on that, let us know.

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