Amir Garrett charges Pirates dugout, starts bench-clearing brawl

Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charges Pirates dugout 7/30/2019

Cincinnati Reds reliever Amir Garrett started a bench-clearing brawl when he charged the Pittsburgh Pirates dugout during Tuesday night's game at Great American Ball Park.

It happened in the top of the ninth after Garrett retired the first two batters of the inning. As Reds pitching coach Jeff Pickler came out to the mound, and although Garrett covered his mouth with his glove, it was apparent from his body language that he was very upset about something. Pickler called for a new pitcher to replace Garrett, but instead of Garrett walking back to the Reds dugout, he ran towards the Pirates dugout and began throwing punches.

Garrett connected with the first punch he threw before being surrounded by Pirates players. The Reds players and coaches left the bench, including Reds manager David Bell, who had been ejected from the game in the prior inning for arguing balls and strikes. In the middle of the fracas, Bell appeared very heated and had to be physically separated from Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Yasiel Puig was in the middle of the brawl and seemed to keep things going even as things were about to calm down.

The game eventually resumed, with the Pirates winning 11-4. The Pirates and Reds still have another game to play Wednesday.

Garrett and Bell are certain to be suspended from this incident. As luck would have it, Puig was traded to the Cleveland Indians overnight.

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