Rick Porcello smashes TV monitors in Red Sox dugout

Rick Porcello shatters monitors in Red Sox dugout 7/31/2019

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Rick Porcello took some frustration out on a couple of television monitors in the team dugout early on in Wednesday night's game against Tampa Bay.

Porcello gave up a run on two hits in the top of the first. Not the ideal start, but it was still early in the game. However, it soon became apparent that Porcello was very unhappy with himself. As he walked down the stairs into the clubhouse to cool off, he shattered the two monitors above the stairs with his fists.

As luck would have it, things would get worse in the second inning as Porcello gave up four more runs, including two home runs. You would think that would have been the time to destroy some monitors.

The Rays held a 6-2 lead when Porcello was taken out of the game after 5 2/3 innings. Porcello gave up six runs (all earned) on nine hits, although he did struck out seven. It is clear that Porcello is not living up to his own expectations, let alone the expectations of Red Sox fans. However, Porcello may want to control his temper a bit more, as he could easily have hurt himself with those punches (as some other athletes have done in the past), not to mention the money he will probably be billed by the team to replace those monitors.

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