Young White Sox fan nearly tosses foul ball away

A young Chicago White Sox fan nearly tossed a foul ball away during Saturday's game against Minnesota.

It happened in the top of the fourth as Twins batter Mitch Garver hit a ball foul into the seats on the left side. A fan who ended up with the ball saw a young White Sox fan who wanted it, so he happily gave it away. However, the young fan turned and prepared to toss the ball back onto the field.

Fortunately, the adult who gave the young fan the ball was able to stop him before he threw it, and the young fan's father was able to catch up with him and take him back to his seat.

This was a close call, unlike earlier this month where a young Houston Astros fan threw a home run ball away that his father gave to him. This is becoming an epidemic. Parents, teach your kids that they can keep the baseball.

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