Squirrel runs into Twins dugout, terrifies Miguel Sano

Squirrel runs in front of Minnesota Twins dugout 8/19/2019

Monday night's Minnesota Twins game against the Chicago White Sox was briefly interrupted by a squirrel who ran across the field and into the Twins dugout, sending many of the Twins players running for safety.

It happened in the bottom of the first inning with Twins batter Nelson Cruz at bat. The squirrel found its way onto the field on the third base side and ran across the field behind the home plate umpire. After crossing in front of the Twins dugout, the squirrel found its way into the dugout and under the bench, forcing the grown men in the dugout to jump out of its way.

Miguel Sano was so scared that he had to go for a walk on the outside of the dugout to calm himself down.

You never know what you'll see during a major league baseball game.

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