France plays wrong anthem for Algeria before soccer match

Albania soccer team confused when Andorra national anthem played prior to soccer match vs France

The Albania national soccer team was completely confused when the wrong national anthem was played for them prior to Saturday's European Championship qualifier in Paris between France and Albania.

As Albania was lined up together on the field before the game, the national anthem for Andorra was played instead. The bewildered looks on the faces of the Albania players captured on camera was priceless.

The match was delayed 10 minutes so that the correct anthem could be displayed for Albania.

It just so happened that Andorra was also in Group H, the same qualifying group as France and Albania. Still, this was an inexcusable mistake by the French Football Federation, and French President Emmanuel Macron issued an apology after the game to Albanian prime minister Edi Rama.

France won the match 4-1. Their next match is on Tuesday...against Andorra. Let's hope they play the correct national anthem this time.

[Fox News]
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