Padres fan falls on his back, spills beer

San Diego Padres fan falls on his back and spills beer 9/8/2019

A San Diego Padres fan took an embarrassing fall during Sunday's game against Colorado.

It happened in the top of the fourth inning as Rockies batter Ryan Arenado hit a foul popup near the Rockies dugout. The ball landed out of play in the steps of the dugout. A Padres fan in the front row thought he had a shot at it, but threw himself off balance in the process, stumbling and falling over a railing. Not only did the fan land on his back, but he spilled the beer he was holding. And we know that beer had to be expensive.

The fan was not hurt, so it's OK to laugh at him. The fall also earned a high-five from Daniel Murphy, so something positive did come from it.

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