Canadiens fan throws towel on ice after rout by Bruins

Montreal Canadiens fan throws towel on ice vs Bruins 11/26/2019

A disgusted Montreal Canadiens fan threw in the towel, literally, during the final seconds of Tuesday's 8-1 blowout at the hands of the Boston Bruins.

It happened with less than 15 seconds left as the Bruins were winding down the clock in the Canadiens end of the ice. Although the video does not show the fan throwing the towel, it clearly shows the towel in the air flying over the glass and landing flat on the ice.

The officials didn't bother to stop play, apparently because it wouldn't have made a difference. Fortunately, the puck didn't come near the towel so none of the players were at risk of injury. No word as to whether the fan was caught in the act and will be penalized accordingly. We can't have fans doing that.

As for the Canadiens, they are still third in the Eastern Conference, but they are now winless in their last 5 games.


DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior.
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